Enjoy Some Pleasant Facts About Solar Power.

//Enjoy Some Pleasant Facts About Solar Power.

Enjoy Some Pleasant Facts About Solar Power.

Enjoy Some Pleasant Facts About Solar Power.¬†Delightful truths about solar energy are common at any age. It has always been a significant topic of discussion in time past. It is fun to discuss solar now as in then. Pleasant facts about solar energy consist of things such that, in a single hour, enough sunshine reaches the earth’s surface. Enough than what the whole world’s power requires for an entire year. That info about “fun facts” about solar comes from the American Solar Energy Society.

Here are some more pleasant facts about solar energy.

* When silicon is drawn from one lot of sand and utilized in photovoltaic solar energy panels, that silicon can produce as much electrical energy as 500,000 lots of burning coal.

* The cost of photovoltaic (PV) solar energy panels has dropped 200 percent over the last 30 years, accordance to the Department of Energy. Owners now pay in between 10 and 40 cents per kilowatt-hour.

* Germany is making the very best use of solar energy, although its environment consists of lots of cloudy days.

* Another USDOE research study revealed that the roofings of California’s city and county structures if covered with solar PV panels, might generate 200 megawatts of clean electrical power.

* In California, covering readily available for business and commercial roofing system with solar energy panels might create all the electrical energy required by the state throughout the daytime.

* As early as 1921, the Nobel Peace Prize was granted for explores solar energy and photovoltaics was awarded to Albert Einstein.

* Solar power can cut water costs by more than 50 percent each year in a house where a solar design changes the electrical water heater.

* California opened its very first big solar energy plant in 1982.

* Nearly 200 years earlier, a British astronomer by the name of John Herschel prepared food with solar energy throughout a journey to Africa.

* It takes just about 8 minutes for solar power to travel from the sun to the earth.

Get Free Solar Energy Quote

Get Free Solar Energy Quote

I hope you to enjoy the above fun facts about solar power. 

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