The nature of solar energy is green. It does not emit any climate-damaging greenhouse gasses. Solar energy is clean energy. Solar panels do not need fossil fuels; it only needs sunlight. Currently, solar panels can convert most of the visible light into using solar energy. When we compare solar energy to fossil energy, solar energy seems to be more organized, and more productive.
Fossil energy and its production are not sustainable nowadays.  Fuels energy (oil, coal, and gas) are not infinite natural resources. In fact, they are the main contributors to climate changes, and as we continue to exploit and use the fossil fuels resources, we expose our planet to disaster for the natural environment. Nuclear energy remains a threat to humanity; it poses its radiation risks which are harmful to life. Its cost remains prohibitive. As the world continues desertification caused by exploitation of wood fuel, pollution has continued to cause the death of millions of animals annually. All these are the result of human activities. We need a fully sustainable source of energy. Fully sustainable renewable electric power is the only way to ensure continuous supply energy to everyone and avoid the catastrophic environmental threat that becomes handy with the fossil fuels. It is cheaper when compared to using other appliances on solar energy.

Solar power is the future of the world. It is estimated that by the middle of the century the world will be powered  100 percent by renewable energy. Is it nature’s intentions? Solar energy system can be described as the savior of the world from the global warming? Already the boat is sailing towards the sun energy direction. Released figures recently showed that renewable sources supply 16.7 percent of the planet earth’s energy. The world is adapting modern sources of electricity such as the wind and solar. Though solar photovoltaic provides only 0.1 percent of the total global power generation, the solar energy it is the fastest growing of all renewable energy technologies with operating ability and capacity increasing with significant figures annually.
What if there was no sun? What would be our escape route from the “unclean” and finite nature of fossil fuels? Solar energy is a gift of nature, let us embrace it because it is just the way nature intended it to be. Nature gave us an alternative power source. It is free and is very abundant. We stand at an exciting chance to transition as renewable energies stand head-on with finite fossil fuels and nuclear power. By embracing this natural opportunity to use solar power instead of fossil fuels, we lowering the carbon emissions and eventually lower rates of fossil fuels will be observed.

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