Take Control of Your Energy Through Solar Power

//Take Control of Your Energy Through Solar Power

Take Control of Your Energy Through Solar Power

Since the first modern silicon, AT&T Bell Laboratories produced a solar cell in 1954, followed by another landmark production of the solar cells used in early space satellites in 1967.
Solar energy has been widely abandoned making the production cost so prohibitively expensive ($250 per watt)
Today, the solar power industry is very healthy indeed.

The price per watt is down significantly, and at-home installations (and government subsidies!) are becoming increasingly common. Indeed, you have to look no further than President Obama himself to see how big solar power is growing: in 2010, he ordered the installation of solar panels and a solar water heater at the White House.

Now solar energy has come of age; it is the goldmine of the new generation and Move to Solar Now is the way to go. The transition from the dirty fusil energy is inevitable. It is time to join the revolution that is changing our world. It is cheaper, cleaner and most importantly, environmentally friendly. The revolution of clean energy is making a wave, and no one can seat on the sideline. Renewable Solar Energy is currently the most efficient and cleaner source of powering electrical systems in our global society.

The greatest transfer of wealth known in human history is now happening because humankind is consenting to this truth. Countries and cities all around the world are building renewable green-energy plants and transforming traditional infrastructures from filthy ‘dirty energy’ systems to green-energy factories.

As a business module, reforming our values around pursuing a cleaner planet and sustainable futures for our families will depend on upon getting the word out. Joining with me and Powur® to become a solar energy renewable partner sharing this important truth is also a lucrative business idea. You can begin receiving a Guaranteed 20 Year Residual Income for agreeing to do so.

We benefit our planet and homeowners who are now eligible to receive $0 Down Renewable Energy Systems fully installed – maintained, and 100% insured. Switching to renewable (cleaner) energy systems would greatly benefit our global neighbors and YOUR financial future for many years to come.Join the revolution now, move to solar energy. For further information, visit us at www.movetosolarnow.com or join here.

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